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WebGL Game – Danger Dirt

WebGL Game - Danger Dirt 1

Danger Dirt is a WebGL game by @PsychhoGameDev. This outlet is also responsible for creating and promoting a WebGL library called Metrix.js which simplifies game creation using threejs. Danger Dirt is a simple ‘ring fight’ survival game where defeating rock monsters and making it to the next round are the objectives. Along the way there are 3 weapons that can be utlilized – a shovel for tossing dirt in the monster’s faces, a pistol that shoots dirt clumps (default weapon) and my favorite, a double barreled shotgun with limited dirt ammo. It’s a fun and challenging game, looking forward to more games by @PsychhoGameDev

Play Danger Dirt HERE

WebGL Game - Danger Dirt 2

WebGL Game - Danger Dirt 3


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