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WebGL Demo – DELIGHT Engine

WebGL Demo - DELIGHT Engine 1

For today’s WebGL coverage, we are showing a demo of the DELIGHT Engine. The DELIGHT Engine was created by xymatic, an independent company based in Berlin, Germany ‘dedicated to empowering developers to create amazing 3D experiences for the Web’. Below are some snippets from their press release.

xymatic today revealed their cutting-edge 3D-Web-technology “DELIGHT engine” for the browser. In stealth-mode-research and development for over 3 years xymatic aims to provide developers with the latest in 3D-graphics-technology and tools for a new generation of Web content. Developed from one codebase, deployed once, running everywhere.

“We want the Web community to be able to build first-class applications that truly leverage the power of the Web. We want to get rid of all the hacks, workarounds and greedy shortcuts that are out there. Our vision is a Web that is the superior platform. And DELIGHT engine aims to pave the way reaching that goal.”, said Timo Bolse, Co-Founder of xymatic.

“The rapid advance of Web technology and Web standards such as WebGL, WebRTC or WebAudio is just stunning. But with these possibilities also comes added complexity. DELIGHT engine greatly reduces this complexity, allowing Web developers to focus on groundbreaking solutions, rather than implementation details.”, said Frederik Maucksch, xymatic’s Co-Founder and CTO.

xymatic is looking forward to working with developers worldwide. Interested companies and individuals have the opportunity to subscribe for early access on 

Try out the DELIGHT Engine Demo HERE

WebGL Demo - DELIGHT Engine 2

WebGL Demo - DELIGHT Engine 3

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