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WebGL Demo – Turing Pattern Gradient Attractor


Felix Woitzel from Rostock, Germany strikes again with a beautiful WebGL visualization called “Turing Pattern Gradient Attractor.” You may remember previous experiments by Felix in the form of Turing Pattern Fluid Simulation and the Psychedelic Shader Doodle. But for those who need refreshing, Turing Patterns are what results from the interplay of two competing forces: an activator/attractor, and an inhibitor.  In this particular case, I believe the attractors are represented by particles while the space the particles inhabit act as the inhibitor. Either way, it’s pretty dang awesome and reminds me of bioluminescent flora that live on ocean floors. Also be sure to check out the source code as it’s almost all GLSL.

See Turing Pattern Gradient Attractor HERE.




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WebGL Demo - Turing Pattern Gradient Attractor, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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