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WebGL App – Mr Drones

WebGL App - Mr Drones 1

Mr Drones is a WebGL application created by a small team headed by interactive artist Rajeev Basu. Here is some information about the app in Rajeev’s own words:

“Hey guys, my name is Rajeev. I’m an interactive artist from London currently living in Boulder, Co. My project is called Mr Drones: I was curious to explore how everyday folks will react to thousands of drones buzzing about over their homes. Because in the US, commercial drone use becomes legal in 2015. FAA estimates that 30,000 will be in our skies by 2020. So I created a hoax site called Mr Drones selling the ultra powerful drones of tomorrow, today. It features WebGL, three.js, HTML5 upload, drag and drop, and a Google Street View Mashup.

My coder was the brilliant Chandler Prall from Denver. Credits: Interactive artist: Rajeev Basu Creative director: Rajeev Basu Developer: Chandler Prall Technologist: Yiarrnis Poulakas Illustrator: Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Try out Mr Drones HERE

WebGL App - Mr Drones 2

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