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WebGL Demo – Mother Earth

Mother Earth is a series of 7 WebGL demos by OutsideOfSociety using three.js. Each of the demos is a different take on rendering a rotatable Earth. Below is a short repasted summary of the 7 demos.

Classic: The world we all know and love.

Cubes: Lots of cubes, scaled from a heightmap.

Geodesic: A geodesic with vertexcolors from a colormap and heightoffset from a heightmap.

Lines: Lines scaled from a heightmap and colored by a colormap

Horizontal Lines: Lines on a texture drawn by a canvas from a spec map. Also height offset from a height map.

Half spheres: Some more minimal representation. The size of the “blobs” are read from an image. One pixel = one blob, small alpha amount = small blob, higher alpha = larger blob.

Particles: Particles from a spec map. Totally inspired by gmunk’s awesome movie gui for TRON: Legacy.

See Mother Earth Particles HERE.

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