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WebGL Game – D.E.M.O. 3rd Person Shooter (Multiplayer)

D.E.M.O. is an unfinished WebGL game that was created by PlayCanvas to promote their game engine. The great thing about D.E.M.O. is that it is a Third-Person Multiplayer that supports both full screen mouse control and multiplayer. Although it is not the most polished shooting sim out there (you can kill your opponent without aiming), it is pretty fun if you have someone else to play with. If not, you may find yourself waiting hours before another player enters the game (which to be honest is probably not worth the wait).

But as an open source example of what is possible using WebGL, you can’t get much better than this quasi Counter Strike clone. Some more info about the game below:

To enable Full Screen Mode:

Firefox: Hiding the mouse cursor only works in Fullscreen mode, press SPACE to toggle fullscreen.
Chrome: To allow hiding the mouse cursor or to enable Gamepad you need to navigate to chrome://flags in Chrome and enable ‘Pointer Lock’ and ‘Gamepad’ and then relaunch the browser (button at the bottom of the page).

 Browser API’s Used:

  • WebGL for the graphics;
  • Web Audio API for sound;
  • WebSockets for networking;
  • Gamepad API for controller input;
  • PointerLock API to hide the mouse cursor;
  • Fullscreen API to give you an immersive experience;

More information is available in PlayCanvas’ writeup + D.E.M.O. Source Code.

Play WebGL D.E.M.O. 3rd Person Shooter HERE

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WebGL Game - D.E.M.O. 3rd Person Shooter (Multiplayer), 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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