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WebGL Demo – Spectrascade: WebGL Music Visualization

Spectrascade: WebGL Music Visualization is a WebGL demo created by Jeshua Bratman and Anna Chen. Inspired by Hello Enjoy’s Ellie Goulding Lights and the music game Auditorium, they came up with a 3d particle based music visualization using WebGL, JavaScript, Spidergl, and HTML5 Audio.

Quoting Jeshua’s blog post, game features include:

- Particles are attracted or repelled by the block which you can interact with by dragging.
- 3d camera control with right mouse button, reset by double clicking.
- Various tunable parameters. Link directly to parameter settings or randomize them.
- A few different modes: automatic camera rotate, camera movement, spawning particles at mouse location.

Also nice, in addition to mesmerizing visuals is the ability to change/ “skip” songs until you find one you like. It’ s always helpful to enjoy music visualizations when you’re not hating on the song, isn’t it?

See Spectrascade: WebGL Music Visualization HERE.

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