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WebGL Demo – 2D Vortex Dynamics

2D Vortex Dynamics is a WebGL demo which I believe was created by Weizhu Bao, Rong Zengc, and Yanzhi Zhang (correct me if I’m wrong). This demo depicts, “Nonlinear vortex dynamics via a CPU based complex (two component) field simulation.” More specific details are provided for those interested, “It is known that the m = 1 vortices are stable and m ≥ 2 vortices are unstable. In this CPU based simulation you see m=2 vertex decay. Explicit scheme is used on a 250×250 grid. A simple approximation (the dashed curve) is used for the initial m=2 vertex.|u(x,y)| is plotted. Colors correspond to the u phase.” Pretty cool.

See 2D Vortex Dynamics HERE.

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