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WebGL Game – Windows Maze

Windows Maze is a WebGL game created by SirTopHat. Gaining its namesake from the old 3D Maze Windows Screensaver which inspired it, the purpose of the game is to help Tux the Penguin escape from the maze Microsoft has locked him in.

Mixing classic run through maze layout, as seen in other demos such as Maze 3D, with non-traditional add-ins gives Windows Maze that extra kick. Darting giant rats which take your life away, floating WebGL logos which restore it, twirling N’s that turn your world upside-down, and deceiving smiley faces which throw your mission off course are only some of the treasures that await you. SirTopHat also includes options for altering the width and height as well as customizing the ceiling, floors, and wall textures.

Play Windows Maze HERE.

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WebGL Game - Windows Maze, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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