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WebGL Demo – Half Life Zombie Model

The Half Life Zombie Model Viewer is a WebGL demo that I’ve spent the last week or so tweaking. The demo is heavily based on AlteredQualia’s Morphtargets Demo for MD2 models.  In fact AlteredQualia even offered me some tips when I had trouble getting the animation to play in the three.js framework.

In the end I relied on a modification of the threejs Blender export plugin by Madlion. One of the main hurdles was adapting the GoldSrc MDL Half-Life zombie model into a JSON file that could be interpreted by WebGL. Although the export plugin did all of the hard work, I still needed to configure the Headcrab Zombie’s 19 textures by hand. Once that was done, I worked in some enhanced mouse control using some javascript borrowed from thespite. If anyone is interested in more details, I’ve written out a 12-Step Tutorial of the process I used to prepare the models for WebGL.

Try out the Half Life Zombie Model Demo Here

Read the in depth Tutorial “How to export and display Half Life Models in WebGL” Here

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WebGL Demo - Half Life Zombie Model, 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  • Jason Edwards

    Good work!

  • Chris Gauthier

    Sweet! The animations look very smooth.